Solacoat Australia is the licensed distributor of the entire Solacoat range of products across all of Australia excluding Victoria and the Northern Territory. Our directors have been involved in the construction industry for over 20 years.

Solacoat Australia has a vision to help make it easy to save on your cooling costs, using the latest in environmentally friendly coating technology.

If you think Solacoat Australia can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Solacoat Australia is committed to providing you with the very best products that protect and insulate your buildings and equipment from the heat. Our products are safe for the environment, as well as ensuring you save money on your cooling costs, for years to come.


We are proud supporters of Autism Association of Western Australia (AAWA). Every job we complete results in a donation to AAWA.

Established in 1967, AAWA is the largest specialist lifespan organisation in Australia providing services to people with Autism. The programs we develop are best-practice and based on leading international peer-reviewed research in the field of Autism.


After applying your patented Solacoat products on our pathways, ramps and handrails, it has vastly improved the safety concerns for our residents with high initial and residual temperatures being reduced quite significantly. The metal railings, in particular, were beyond touchable in the heat of the summer and this range of products has completely alleviated the problem.

Your service, information, and communication was outstanding and we look forward to utilizing the product elsewhere around our Retirement Village to continue to offer the best service to our elderly residents.

Lyndon Menhennett

Asset Officer

I have an Iron roofed building in the lower Flinders Ranges, South Australia. In October 2012, I applied SOLACOAT to the corrugated iron roof. Prior to the application, on very hot days, the temperature in the hut was very similar to the outside temperature. Candles would melt and it was not comfortable to be inside. Since applying the SOLACOAT I have recorded temperatures approximately 10oC cooler inside the Hut. If 38oC outside, it is about 28oC inside, making it noticeably cooler to step inside.

I found the SOLACOAT applied very well with my Wagner Project115 Airless Sprayer.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product and would use it again as a quick, easy and cost-effective way to cool.

Phil Fisher

DIY Painter of Lower Flinders Range, South Australia

I painted the roof of my 5m x 2.2 metre colourbond workshed with Solacoat. With a maximum 2.8 ceiling height, it had been near impossible to be in the shed after 10am in the recent summer heatwave conditions we experienced. Solacoat has made all the difference. Can now work there any time of the day.

Anthony Creagh

Coombabah, Gold Coast

I live in an old fibro place. The roof is insulated, so not a problem, but the heat that would come through the walls was intense. After applying solar coat, there is barely any heat coming through at all. I’m amazed at the difference it makes. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Kerri Shannon

Had my house coated by Solacoat and I’m already starting to see the difference. While friends of mine have already started using their air-conditioning I haven’t even thought about it yet. Looking forward to seeing how much I save on electricity over the summer.

Doug and the guys were very professional and as the price is comparable to normal roof painting I can’t see why you’d go anywhere else.

Matthew Rickwood



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